hello, i am emily and i go by the alias hollowist. i am an oddity illustrator and graphic designer, based in singapore.


hello, i am emily and i go by the alias hollowist. i am an oddity illustrator and graphic designer, based in singapore.

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final year project: AHHH! planted morphology, 2019

AHHH! planted morphology looks into the deeper value of nature at the singapore botanic gardens beyond its beauty by educating youths through a dark yet profound perspective.


most singaporeans are unaware of how much educational value singapore botanic garden possess. planted morphology explores the deeper meaning behind the beauty of its flora and fauna in singapore botanic gardens, also known as the specimens. it is done so through the four categories of “AHHH”—”art”, “health”, “heritage” and “human”. it showcases a plot on how a mad scientist, matthias and his lab assistant, wox goes through a nightmare of an adventure in search of their lost specimens. will you help us? are you eligible to become the chosen one?

note: this is a fictional project.


this showreel gives a summary on the entire campaign, narrated by none other than our vexed mad scientist, matthias.


the microsite acts as an online laboratory, filled with intensive information of all the specimen friends for the public to learn. it also has an event sign up page which brings the entire event to life. view the microsite live here.

pr package

these will be shipped out to subscribers and contributing authors of the gardens’ bulletin singapore as well as selected nature-loving influencers. it contains instructions, a wox plush toy for good luck since the species of wox, also known as baí zé, is known for its luckiness, as well as pieces of a puzzle, hiding in the shredded black paper. the puzzle will be pieced and deciphered to be the link of the microsite—www.plantedmorphology.com

event pack

at the start of the event, we will be giving these out at the registration booth at the bukit timah gate. bottled water, wristbands tickets, lanyards, brochures, sticker pack given at random and a shirt, placed all in the drawstring bag. the items will correspond to the participants’ chosen role.


merchandise will be sold at the gardens’ shop, located at the heart of singapore botanic gardens, as well as the online store at www.plantedmorphology.com/store. the highlights below are those that do not overlap with the event pack, as shown before.

exclusive halloween diy kit
a fun and collaborative diy kit released on halloween day, presented by matthias and his artistically astute friend, keredas! the diy kit has accompanying instructions of the journal tab of the website (www.plantedmorphology.com/journal) and has everything you need to make your very own clay sculptures casted in resin in beakers earrings or necklace(s).

playing cards
matthias and wox’s favourite game at to play! it contains information of the specimen friends and is recommended to play in two manners—happy specimens (in the form of happy family) and charades. 

plush toys
the plush toys come in two designs of both matthias and wox.

temporary tattoo sheet
participants can paste these anywhere to show their support for each of the “AHHH” categories through irises or symbols.

design show AY 18/19
these pictures show the set up i had to showcase the entire campaign effectively, with a structured flow.


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