studio project 1: let’s go! opera, 2018

let's go! opera aims to revive the dying tradition of chinese opera. it does so by revamping the stereotypically "noisy" chinese opera into a fun and quirky look.


after being brought into singapore by chinese immigrants in the 19 century, chinese opera, also known as wayang, became a distinctively imperative identity of chinese culture. this was seen during the seventh month festivities when chinese opera frequented the streets. by 1881, there were over 240 opera performers in singapore. now, this form of live entertainment which used to enthral audiences more than anything else is facing a crisis of endangerment due to the disinterest of the younger audience. 
note: this is a fictional project.


this showreel gives a summary on the entire campaign, giving you insight on the problem, solution and its deliverables in support of the campaign.


The microsite brings the entire campaign together but its main purpose is to act as a platform to teach the children about each of the characters of the four categories of the superstitions—food, plants, gifts and numbers. View the microsite live here. The following are the highlights of the microsite.


All these deliverables contribute to the campaign to educate the younger ones about the stereotypically boring tradition of Chinese Opera.


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