publication design: forgotten nature, 2017

a publication which aims to express the forgotten beauty of parks from across singapore, with intentions to purposefully preserve them in this publication.


The title of the books NSEW stands for North, South, East, West. The intention of preserving their beauty led me to create the entire publication in the disguise of a flower press, a tool used to press flowers.
note: this is a fictional project.

the flower press

Since a flower press is traditionally used to preserve flowers, I have used to signify the fact that I want to preserve the beauty of all of the flora and fauna showcased in these four books, which leads to why the flower press holds these books together.

book N: happenstance

“north” book is not about a park, but an encyclopedia of the plants found and collected in the rest of the books. therefore, it is called happenstance.

the other books

these are some of the highlights of the pages, including maps, ideas of things to do and a list of must-sees. all of the aforementioned books end off with scientific illustrations of the popular plants seen in each of the following parks.


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