hello, i am emily and i go by the alias hollowist. i am an oddity illustrator and graphic designer, based in singapore.


hello, i am emily and i go by the alias hollowist. i am an oddity illustrator and graphic designer, based in singapore.

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studio project 2: choi! touchwood, 2018

choi! touchwood aims to bring better understanding towards superstitions since most youths deem it as nonsense as it is not backed up scientifically, leading to its implausibility.


"choi! touchwood" is common slang in singapore. like many other cultures, singaporean chinese believe that to touch wood, bad luck will be dispelled.

choi! touchwood plans to teach youths about this huge part of our culture, practised by our pioneers in the 1819s of chinatown—superstitions.
note: this is a fictional project.


this showreel gives a summary on the entire campaign, giving you insight on the problem, solution and its deliverables in support of the campaign.


the microsite brings the entire campaign together but its main purpose is to act as a platform to teach the children about each of the characters of the four categories of the superstitions—food, plants, gifts and numbers. view the microsite live here. the following are the highlights of the microsite.


since my target children are children, it is known that they have short attention spans and are often bored when it comes to reading. Therefore, I have come up with a spread of deliverables that are fun and quirky and all lead to a common purpose—educating them about superstitions.

interactive colouring storybook
one of the main deliverables is the interactive colouring storybook where the child can construct their pop-up pages, colour and even paste stickers based on the instructions. The entire book will bring them through the key superstitions they should learn about as well. the following are the highlights of the book.

playing cards

these playing cards can be played in multiple ways like memory and happy family. it is split into four categories of numbers, plants, gifts and food (from top to bottom) and also from lucky to unlucky superstitions. 

(mis)fortune cookies

these aren’t your usual fortune cookies! these cookies have fortune and also misfortune slips! these slips help your understand superstitions better with short tips and tricks. it is also available in two sizes: the small one is gifted with every purchase you make. 

mu tou keychain painting kit
DIY your very own mutou friend and bring it with you everywhere! you can hang mutou as a keychain on your bags, wallets, pencil cases, etc. you’ll never know when you need one in case you say something inauspicious accidentally. this kit provides instructions, templates and also paint and even a paint palette which helps you create your very own personalised mutou keychain.

lucky mystery seeds growing kit

this kit gives you the opportunity to grow your very own lucky plant! you may get one of the following seeds: lotus, bodhi tree, basil, cockscomb, chilli and marigold! this kit includes instructions, mini gardening tools, kraft paper labels, soil, coco pots, plastic pot too!

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