hello, get to know me!

hello, i am hollowist.

hello, i am emily.

hello, i am a creative.

hello, i am a graphic designer.
hello, i am an oddity illustrator.

"from my rotting body, flowers shall grow and
I am in them and that
is eternity."
—Edvard Munch

hello there! I am Emily Choo Qianyi, also known as hollowist. I am a graduate from Temasek Polytechnic, with a Diploma with Merit in Communication Design and a specialisation in illustration! I am a freelance designer, where hollowist specalises in the fusion of both innocent and dark illustrations.

many have asked me what "hollowist" means. truth to be told, even I don’t know, as the meaning of hollowist is everchanging. currently, it means to be truly hollow—to embrace rotting even after hollowing ones' self and instead, overpowering negativity with positivity and growth. 


GOODSTUPH︎ freelance designer, 2019—present

hollowist brand owner, 2017—present

design orientation camp 
creative subcommittee member, AY 19/20

graphic design intern, 2018

design student ambassadors
secretary subcommittee in-charge, AY 18/19

design orientation camp
creative subcommittee member, AY 18/19

art educator, 2017

design student ambassadors
subcommittee member, AY 17/18

software knowledge

proficient in adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, adobe indesign, adobe aftereffects, clip studio paint, microsoft office, keynote, procreate

basic knowledge in adobe muse, adobe dreamweaver, adobe lightroom, adobe premiere pro


NUS school of medicine, temasek polytechnic school of design, changi airport group (CAG), united overseas bank (UOB), our tampines hub, the brave & the bold, national museum of singapore, national heritage board, QUORN, lazada, unilever, singtel, government of singapore investment corporation (GIC), GOODSTUPH


temasek polytechnic school of design diploma with merit in communication design, 2016—2018

zhonghua secondary school 5 distinctions in GCE ‘O’ level with higher art in art elective programme, 2012—2015


myths, folklore and legends, horror, supernatural, goth, scientific illustrations, animals, nature, journalling, rock and metal


ministry of education edusave skills award, 2019

the crowbar awards
AHHH! planted morphology: best of show, top of category in branding, 3 golds, 2 silver, 1 bronze, 2019

convertium course gold medal, 2019

temasek polytechnic 
director’s list, AY 18/19

unilever pitch won alongside GOODSTUPH team, 2018

temasek polytechnic director’s list, AY 17/18

ministry of education 
academic achievement award, 2017

national museum of singapore and nus history society 
champion in hi-story mystory filmmaking competition, 2015

national youth achievement award
silver, 2015

national youth achievement award
bronze, 2014


english, mandarin chinese, hokkien, basic japanese


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